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Snigdha – A Multifaceted Creative Professional

Welcome to the online portfolio of Snigdha, a talented and versatile creative professional. With a diverse skill set encompassing design, copywriting, and product design, Snigdha has built an impressive body of work through her extensive experience in various fields.


Snigdha’s design work showcases her keen eye for aesthetics and her ability to create visually appealing and functional designs. Whether it’s designing logos, websites, or marketing materials, Snigdha combines her creativity with a deep understanding of her clients’ needs to deliver outstanding results.


As a copywriter, Snigdha has a way with words that captivates audiences and effectively communicates messages. Her writing style is versatile, allowing her to adapt to different tones and target audiences. From crafting compelling website copy to writing engaging social media posts, Snigdha’s copywriting skills are a valuable asset to any project.

Product Design

Snigdha’s expertise in product design lies in her ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. She understands the importance of user-centered design and strives to create products that not only look great but also provide seamless user experiences. Her attention to detail and innovative thinking sets her apart in the field of product design.

Freelance Gigs

Throughout her career, Snigdha has taken on numerous freelance gigs, working with clients from various industries. Her ability to adapt to different projects and deliver high-quality work has earned her a reputation for reliability and excellence. From small businesses to large corporations, Snigdha has successfully completed projects for a wide range of clients.


With years of experience under her belt, Snigdha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project she undertakes. Her journey as a creative professional has equipped her with the skills necessary to tackle challenges and deliver exceptional results. Snigdha’s passion for her work is evident in the quality of her portfolio.


Snigdha’s portfolio is a testament to her versatility and talent as a designer, copywriter, and product designer. Her ability to excel in multiple fields sets her apart from the competition, making her a valuable asset for any creative project. Whether you’re in need of a captivating design, engaging copy, or innovative product design, Snigdha has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

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